3 Dimentional Works

Bound Books

These various forms of book plumbing are proposed as an allegory of the censure implemented by executive bodies in the control and diffusion of knowledge.

Broken Angels

Swords held high like the derisory stings of demented bees; over Kigali and Sarajevo, over Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya and Gaza they fly, these burnt and broken warriors; their unwavering tenacity equalling only the magnitude of human failure.

Divers object

The Hanged Men

The Hanged Men were created as part of a décor in situ for Alain leBoulaire's traveling street theatre. They were strung up in Rennes, Lorient, Charlesvilles-Meziàres and Paris in 1984/85.

The Museum for Tired Shoes

These are the few remaining images of the "Musée de Repos pour Chaussures Fatiguées" that was shown in a number of galleries and cultural centres throughout France and Spain in the early 80's. It was originally just a collection of unwanted footwear discarded by a consumer society to which I proposed a second life by reintroducing them into the system as objects of art. It was an enquiry into the value attributed to discarded items once they have been proclaimed part of the cultural scene. However, once let loose in the artistic arena, they eventually laid claim to new identities and in doing so, traded their role as objects of contention for that of complicity: it was time to bring it all to an end.

The Sentinels

In former times when Man lived in harmony with his environment, before attributing himself the role of master over the natural world, his relationship with nature was peopled with a pantheon of gods, goddesses and the little people of popular tradition. Every aspect of nature had its guardian and by preserving the harmony of their various domains in the subtle order of the universe these Sentinels, by the same occasion, ensured the survival and the well-being of humanity.